v2.0 - French localisation, saving & loading

Today's update to Hang On adds an option to play the game with all text translated into French. Christophe Pallarès (@xtooph) has done a marvellous job with this, and I'm hoping the game will reach many more people thanks to his efforts. 

I've also taken this opportunity to polish the game slightly by adding a start menu and a save/load interface (which was requested by a few players)! 

You can now download v2.0.0 by clicking the link below. To play in French, either run winsetup.exe and select it from the drop-down box, or once you're in-game just click the flag button in the start menu. 

When time allows, I'm open to doing further translations of this - and my other games - so do get in touch if you're a translator and would like to work together.

Thanks for playing!


HangOn-2.0.0.zip 19 MB
Mar 02, 2018

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Hello, didn't know the game, looks reaaaaallyyy cool!! Kudos!

Thank you, hope you enjoy it! Just clicked through to your page and discovered Sol705 - it looks terrific! I shall play it soon.