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Martha is getting away from it all, up in the clouds on the lonely but peaceful slopes of the Trollspitze mountain. When a quick trip to the village below goes awry, who will come to her rescue? And is there any truth in the local legend of an abominable snowman?


  • Two playable characters!
  • Sublime alpine scenery!
  • Vertiginous thrills!
  • Accurate bird audio from the public domain!

Created for the AGS forums' MAGS competition, June 2017 (theme of 'Rescue'). Updated October 2017 with added music, sound and minor gameplay improvements.
Updated March 2018 with French translation by Christophe Pallarès (@xtooph), start menu, and save/load interface (v2.0.0)


Left click - walk around and interact with objects and characters

Right click - look at things

Use or look at items you're carrying by selecting them from your inventory bar at the bottom of the screen.

To save, load or quit your game, click the disk icon on the lower-right of the inventory bar.

ESC - Skip cutscenes

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
TagsFemale Protagonist, nature, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Relaxing, supernatural


HangOn-2.0.0.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

winsetup.exe will allow you to select your language (English or French) and alter display and sound settings. The game will default to the intended display and sound settings, but experienced users may wish to tweak.

You can also select your language (English/French) from the start menu in-game.

Development log


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Short story, Fun game & nice artwork.

Thanks for the game :)


Oh this was fun! I had loads of laughs playing this, and I have to tip my hat to anyone who can make a game with only two characters (or three, I guess) and have me riveted!

I noticed you uploaded another point and click treat recently too, so I'll be all over that one before you know it, and keep up the great work! =)


Mikey, thanks very much for the kind words. Your playthrough made my day, really enjoyed it! I appreciated how you took the time to look at all the hotspots and highlight some of the sillier aspects of the story (yeah, Rita just kind of takes it all in her stride and doesn't mention the thieving, vicious yeti living round the corner).

Subscribed to your channel as it seems you enjoy similar games to me. Keep it up! :)